Male / 22 / Cleric / Alignment - Good / God - Pelor / Adventuring Company - Maniacle Mischief Makers (3M)


STR-13, CON-14, DEX-14, INT-14, WIS-15, CHA-11

AC-17, FORT-14, REF-14, WILL-16




CROSSBOW +5 vs AC 1D8+2


GP: 278 SP:50


Pieter was born to an elder couple, who for years thought they would never bare children. They were a very happy family for 3 years until an epidemic took the life of mother and father. The baby was left to his grandfather who at that time was very old. He was certain he was unable to care for the child proper and thought Pieter might have a better chance with another couple. Maybe a couple who never had children, or maybe one that had children and/or could give Pieter siblings. In any case, he knew he would have to find a home for the child. He took to travelling with his grandson by wagon in search for a new home. He travelled long for many days which turned into weeks. He hadn’t meant to travel so far but whenever he thought of leaving his grandson to another, he’d become saddened and would change his mind.

He traveled down a well worn road wide enough for two wagons abreast. It wound about among very old trees and the sides of the road was lush with the greenest grasses. There had been a sound of a trickling brook nearby and pulled off the side of the road to retreat into the shade of the trees and partake of fresh water. Taking a little walk with the baby in his arms, he came across an acient looking fountain but for as old as it was it was in good repair. And although he seemed to be off the main road, he noticed a footpath he curiously followed for about a hundred yards. The path inclined steadily and did not end until he reached the peak of the hill. Once there, he realized there was a whole nother valley behind with small cities, hamlets with endless farms. In the epicenter of all of these was a very large building. It was lovely in decor from the outside and the grounds around were very clean, tidy and serene. It was not so far away, but he saw no road into this valley and was certain the road he had been on led elsewhere.

Intrigued by what he saw, but not wanting to be seen, he waited until nightfall before making his way down into the valley. It was harder to navigate his way to where he wanted to go as he was now at ground level and not looking down upon the valley as he was. He did however, find his way at long last to the building he most wanted to get to. It was grander up close than far away. The panaramic scene did not do it justice at all. There were burning sticks of incense at the entrance of wide double doors. The eves above jetted out to create wonderful overhangs and big paper globes hung about them at regular intervals to create inviting light all around. There were many symbols and writings in the sand about the building, on the walls and doors. The old man had no idea what they meant but he was drawn to this place from the moment he set eyes on it. He felt good here, at peace here and all cares seemed to wash away. Where he thought he might have sadness in his heart to know he would have to give up his grandson, he rather felt as if this was the perfect place for him. He knew not where he was, nor did he see anyone but he was certain there were people about and someone would eventually find his grandson if he was to leave him here. Not wanting to chance being seen leaving the child he placed a sleeping Pieter on the walk just outside the great doors. He fled into the darkness beyond making haste the way he came. He made his way back up to the peak where he once stood earlier in the day and made his back down the path to his wagon and returned home.

Pieter grew up as a disciple of Pelor, the Temple had forever been his home and he never knew from whence he came only his name that was stitched to the blanket he was left with.


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